Providing the Tampa Bay region outstanding quality patient care in partnership with outstanding health care professionals in the community.


Since 2008, Premier Hospitalists has proudly served the community of Tampa Bay.  We provide hospitals timely and accurate in-patient health care services.  Premier’s core values of patient center care, communication and continuity are really what guides our organizational culture.   

Premier’s staff works hard to maintain a flow of important patient information commencing from the initial hospital admission day through to the discharge date.  We provide important medical information including the initial history and physical as well as a final discharge summary to the primary care provider.  This is all done within a timely manner usually within 24hrs of a patient’s admission and discharge, respectfully.  In addition, Premier works closely with health care plans to ensure that in-patient core measures and appropriate utilization of hospital services are met. 

  • Average length of stay is appropriate for the patient’s diagnosis
  • Rate of re-admission is well below the national average
  • We work closely with case management and social work teams to ensure a safe patient discharge
  • Premier’s admin team works diligently to facilitate the scheduling of post-acute care visits with the primary care physicians.

Administrative Staff

  • Manish Sharma, President & CEO 
  • Melissa Howell, Lead Administrator
  • Lance Myers,  Compliance Officer

    Medical Team
  • Manish Sharma DO | Internal Medicine Hospitalist
  • Doug Schwartz DO | Internal Medicine Hospitalist
  • Nicholas Abraham MD | Internal Medicine Hospitalist
  • Vimal Patel MD | Internal Medicine Hospitalist
  • Brian Grundt DO | Internal Medicine Hospitalist
  • Vatanie Guerrier APRN
  • Richard Ocasion APRN